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Twelve investigative “foundations” that  form the basic beliefs that are at the core of the Christian faith.


1. Who is God?

2. Who is man?

3. Who is Jesus?

4. What did Jesus do?

5. What must we do?

6. Right with God

7. How should I now live?

8. What is my guide?

9. How do I communicate with God?

10. What is the Church?

11. Me. Tell Others?

12. Can I be sure?

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The Blue Book


This Ten-Week Basic Study is a compilation of material that has proven to be useful in helping people get into the Word of God in order to learn first-hand God’s purpose and plan for their lives. It also has been a helpful tool for Christians to use in teaching and training others about the basics of the Christian walk.

1. Christ’s Presence in Your Life
2. The Lordship of Christ
3. The Spirit-Controlled Life
4. Personal Devotional Life
5. Living Our Your Priorities
6. Relationship with Christ
7. Process of Discipleship

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