Madeline Orr, Georgia Tech Student

I planned on interning this summer, but I realized that I was not looking to the Lord with any decision I was making, especially my summer plans. I felt that going to Summer Leadership Project was something that the Lord wanted for me, and wow, my mind was blown by the end of the summer! The Lord revealed that joy comes with following and trusting Him – something I never quite grasped. I could have never chosen a more fulfilling summer and am so thankful that the Lord allowed me to learn so much over those two months!

Stephen Bruner, BBA, University of Georgia ‘03

In the business world, time is prioritized and spent in the places that are determined to have the highest return on investment.  If I look back at my college years and apply that same logic, I can’t think of a better return on investment than that of Summer Leadership Project. For the cost of one summer at the beach, you get exposure and training that will teach you about God and practical ways to connect with him for the rest of your life.  I still use the training I received from Leadership Project almost every day, now 10 years later.  The corporate world in your twenties is all about developing your reputation, and nothing will define you more than your character, integrity and work ethic.  No internship will harvest these qualities more than a summer at the Leadership Project.  This is more than a quick spiritual high; this is an equipping center that will transform the way you think about God and your community.  For any aspiring business men and women, I’d highly encourage a summer at Leadership Project to help shape and prepare them for a successful career.