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A Note from the Director

At a recent training event I was reminded that in ministry it is often easy to see and celebrate the ripple effects of ministry, but it is hard to stay focused on making an initial splash.


Ministry ripples include changed lives, healthy marriages, godly parenting, leaders being sent out into churches, church plants, and to the world, graduates leading and starting kingdom business, and so much more. These long-term ripples affect incredible things, well worth celebrating.


But, God has been refocusing us and reminding us - be faithful to make a splash.


For our team, making a splash looks like walking into a dorm hall or sorority house to meet freshmen. It means standing in front of a student organization to share our testimony and invite students to a bible study. It is sitting down over lunch and walking through the story of the gospel with a student. Making a splash looks like going on a road trip with our discipleship group to deepen friendships. It means waking up early to meet someone to teach them to study God's word, and answering a late-night phone call to help a student think biblically about dating. Making a splash means initiating, taking risk, and investing in students for the sake of Christ.


Over the past year, we have been praying and working hard to make a splash. And we have been so encouraged by the open doors, opportunities, and fruit that we’ve seen.


This past summer, we started a new event to connect with rising freshmen and were encouraged to connect with a number of new students. We hosted some of our best campus launch events in CO Atlanta's 18 year history and had over 1100 students fill our contact cards to learn more about our ministry, express interest in investigating Christ, and to join small groups.


We recently hosted fall retreats and saw over 150 students join us for a weekend away.


We've seen around 20 students come to faith in Christ this year.


I am encouraged as our staff stepped out and initiated relationally and spiritually with hundreds of students.


And we've seen dozens of students take steps forward in faith and leadership, joining us in the mission of God.


But we want you to know none of this is possible without you, our partners and supporters. Your partnership makes all of this possible, and we are truly thankful. Every gift, prayer, and encouragement sends us out to make a splash, and we are trusting that the ripples will change the world.


May God get the glory and may He allow us to keep making a splash on the campus for the sake of family, community, and global transformation.


In Christ and with thanks,

Steve McGuire

Testimonies from our Campuses


I came into college angry at God for not giving me what I wanted when I had spent all of my life doing what I thought He wanted me to do. I thought that if I didn’t party or disobey my parents then I was pretty much on the right track and I should be getting all of the great gifts God promises to Christians. Because of the mentality that "God owed me something,” I rebelled the first semester of freshman year. By December of first semester, I realized that my life was actually worse without my relationship with the Lord. I remember praying to God and giving Him everything because my sin was a heavy burden. I went on New Years Conference that Christmas break and even though I barely knew anyone, the Campus Outreach community welcomed me and loved me as I was. My entire life I thought I knew what it meant to be a Christian. But it became very clear to me that my faith was stagnant. I spent the rest of the week going to the seminars and listening to the messages trying to soak up everything to learn more about God and His perfect Son.​ Since NYC, I have learned that God doesn't owe me anything because He has already given me everything. I can’t do anything to earn my salvation and thank God I don't have to try. I want everyone to know that they don’t have to be perfect, that no matter where we are in our sin, God’s grace makes us new. Because of their commitment to life on life discipleship,  CO has helped me see the Gospel clearly and I'm able to enjoy the benefits of being in relationship with God.


Now with a year of support under my belt and a few key connections made, I am tackling the Dalton State campus in hopes of “building laborers on the campus for the lost world.” While I have been garnering much support from the Dalton community and establishing connections with local churches and business owners, the process of getting connected with students on campus is itself another journey. Because it is a primarily commuter school with most students committed to a rigorous work and school relationship, even the spiritually inclined are unable to make a meaningful commitment into exploring the gospel and its implications. However, I believe that consistently meeting the students where they are at we will progress and construct a firm foundation for the years to follow.

My goal is to see 1-5 student leaders returning from the Summer Leadership Project committed to CO and ready to give their lives away. Please join with me in praying for Dalton State to grow a committed, stable, and fun community that is marked by the joy of the gospel.

Brendan Jourdan - north georgia sophomore

I have been involved with Campus Outreach for just over a year now and I have never felt more spiritually alive. I was introduced to CO by Taylor Lazenby, who is a brother in my fraternity and on staff. After speaking to him on several occasions, I started to realize that God was working in my life and that I had fallen out of touch with Him. Before and during my freshman year, God was doing many different things in my life that I did not understand. After going to New Year’s Conference I finally understood the reason behind all of the heartache and pain I had felt. God was reaching out to me to trust, follow, and love Him. For years my mother told me that God has a plan for me and through Campus Outreach I can finally see it.


This has been a great year of growth spiritually for me thanks to CO. I have learned especially that Christ calls us to not just be followers spiritually but to step up and lead the way. Being a room leader on SLP taught me what being a Christian leader entails and equipped me to be a leader on my campus. Going in to the summer, I felt like I did not have any wisdom to impart to the guys in my room and that I was not qualified to lead them. But I learned how in the Bible God often calls unqualified and uneducated leaders to simply trust and follow Him. I saw how being a leader increases my dependence on Christ. Even though I am unwise, selfish, and sinful, He is wise, faithful, and good. I am inadequate, but when I rely on Him, He uses me and my weaknesses to further proclaim His glory. I look forward to growing closer to Christ and being a leader at Georgia Tech this year.

" We pursued our students' spiritual development this summer in Atlanta and in Brazil. We are excited to see the Holy Spirit equip and mature our students in great ways."

Snapshots of our Summer Events

  • Cafe com Prosa was a bi-weekly event that we hosted at the CCP house. This was a time everyone to come together to enjoy community and engage with one another over spiritual topics.
  • Joseph Brannen and his room carpooling to our Stewardship training at Roam Innovative Spaces.
  • Charlie Williams hits the banjo at our "Hoedown Throwdown" social.
  • Our students had numerous opportunities to serve local communities this summer. Many of our students volunteered at Perimeter Church, packing and delivering book bags to children in need.
  • Several times a week we hosted English Clubs on campus in order to meet new students. This was the perfect opportunity to have fun with them while also helping them learn English, something that all students want to do.
  • Cafe com Prosa was a bi-weekly event that we hosted at the CCP house. This was a time everyone to come together to enjoy community and engage with one another over spiritual topics.
  • “Festa Junina” is a fall festival celebrated all across Brazil! You celebrate with folk dancing, country costumes, and live music.
  • Pictured here at the "Festa Junina" are the students that our Atlanta CCP spent most of their time with.
  • One of SLP's women's discipleship groups. Over the course of the summer, discipleship groups lived together in the dorms and met weekly to hold one another accountable, study scripture, pray, and encourage one another.
  • Caitlyn Tate, Carri Dove, and Kassie Mouchakka are all smiles during the "Home Alone" social.
  • Our students got to celebrate the 4th of July at the Gwinnett's Braves Game. Pictured is Amanda Murphy, Anna Crouse, Amanda Cahleiros, and Katherine Longmuir.
  • Near the end of the CCP, students were invited on a weekend trip where they discussed spiritual topics and issues. We talked about Jesus Christ and challenged them to investigate who he was & the claims he made.
  • While on the weekend trip, we were able to have deep conversations about the gospel presentations that were made.
  • Pictured are the students and staff on our CCP Weekend Trip!
  • Here are our students participating in "Couch Olympics" at a McDonald's drive-thru.
  • Kasey Boone, Alana Lawerence, and Taylor Maguire enjoyed the ropes courses at Perimeter Church this summer during our first annual "Big Event."
  • Some of our students had the privilege of working for Community Outreach at Perimeter Church this summer. Pictured is the head pastor, Randy Pope, with our interns!
  • Mary Grace (middle) had the opportunity to serve as room leader to Madi Andrews (left) and Amy Spurgeon (right) this summer on the SLP.
  • The CCP 2017 team! On a holiday break they, and a large group of students, biked through a National Park and ate lunch by a waterfall!
  • Aaron Dixon and Zach Phillips celebrate a victory after a game of capture the flag.

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Laurie Davis - GT Staff
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Preston Esco - UNG Staff

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